Safety and technology

The main place in our clinic takes security treatment. A major role is quality sterilization and use of disposable instruments.
All tools and materials that may be disposable, we SINGLE! Dental wipes, breast wipes, shoe covers, cups, Saliva ejectors, gloves, masks, sterilization packages, tools for root canal treatment and more.
Dental Clinic "Partyka" used the highest technology, special equipment sterilization provides 100% quality control and computer processing tool. At all stages of the use of equipment and tools (storage - use - cleaning - sterilization - use) is strict control over the execution of each phase using multistage confirm sterility different markers.

All tools and contact material to be sterilized through several stages, pre-processed in disinfectant solution, then washed, dried. Dental instruments are packed in special individual vacuum packaging, then placed in a computerized autoclave for the final heat treatment under high pressure. All equipment for sterilization has state certification.
To clean the surface before sterilization used drugs firm DURR DENTAL (Germany).
For each patient in our clinic using sterile INDIVIDUAL set of tools, burs, handpieces, slynotyahiv and vacuum cleaners. Visiting the dentist is only disposable shoe covers, which are put on shoes.
Doctors and assistants of our clinic are only disposable gloves and masks. Each patient receiving used disposable materials utilized, and office equipment are antiseptic treatment cycle.

We are ready to guarantee absolute protection against infection in our dental clinic.