Treatment of teeth and gums

Professional hygiene oral and periodontal map should be the initial phase of any dental treatment.

Professional oral hygiene meant much more than you yourself can make yourself at home. The term occupational health include:

  • removing plaque;
  • remove tartar;
  • polishing of teeth abrasive pastes;

Professional oral hygiene lasts from half to half an hour. Also, our hygienist necessarily hold for you instructions about care for their teeth, pick up hygiene products - the right toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and so on. E.

Professional hygiene

Caries - a long process of destruction of enamel and dentin. At first he seems little darkening of the teeth, which eventually develops into a large cavity.

Sealing of fissures - is an effective way to combat and prevent tooth decay, the most famous and widespread disease of the teeth.

Sealing fissures now a very popular procedure because it helps prevent tooth decay completely. Sealing fissures appointed for adults and children. After it, you save yourself from future problems of caries, pulpit and other unpleasant diseases of the mouth.

Treatment of caries without a drill

Treatment not deep caries without a drill aimed at addressing the problems surface in the early stages of the disease

ICON - Innovative ICON makes it possible to eliminate the problem at different stages: the appearance of spots, early tooth decay and even average.

This method has more advantages than traditional treatment options:

  • The absence of pain and, consequently, the need for anesthesia.
  • Saving healthy tissue.
  • The treatment of several teeth in one visit to the doctor.
  • Ability to save baby teeth.
  • After the procedure, you can even bleach your teeth.

Ozone caries treatment without drilling using the device HealOzone Kavo. Due to the properties of ozone treatment procedure using this device, runs completely painless and takes much less time than other methods.

Ozone only takes a few minutes and requires no anesthesia. Ozone served special apparatus with air, instantly destroys pathogenic bacteria, neutralizing carious fire. Dental cloth saturated with beneficial minerals.

With Kavo HealOzone system we can:

  • Treat tooth decay without a drill and without pain;
  • Quickly and painlessly remove sensitivity necks of the teeth;
  • Make immature, weak enamel milk and permanent teeth in children matured and resistant to decay. That is, effective prophylaxis caries in children;
  • Make absolutely sterile surface of teeth before sealing or cementing crowns, which eliminates the appearance of future dental crowns and under seal;
  • Sterilize root canals prior to sealing;


Treatment of complicated dental caries - tooth pulp inflammation (pulpitis) and periodontal (periodontitis) and to this day is very important and at the same time challenging in dentistry.

The essence of endodontic treatment is to get rid of all present infection. To do this, provided access to the root canal is removed neurovascular bundle, followed by mechanical expansion of the channel, its antiseptic treatment, training channel for filling and sealing the tooth is directly reliable hermetic material.

Gum Treatment teeth - it all starts?

Very often people come from gum disease.

But there are those who think that it will pass. No, I will not! In the early stages of gum disease treatment is performed safely, quickly and efficiently. Delayed treatment of gum may be delayed for a long time, if it came to have periodontitis.

Periodontitis (gum) - is a rapidly progressive and very dangerous disease. If you delay treatment of periodontitis, tooth loss risk increases. Symptoms of periodontitis, gingivitis, exposure cervical tooth abscesses appearance in periodontal pockets, tooth displacement due to their mobility, bad breath and even lumps.

Curettage of periodontal pockets - a procedure which is the removal pidyasennoho nadyasennoho and stone. After curettage znakaye bleeding, gums begin to recover quickly and in 2-3 weeks become pale pink.

To prevent gum disease, follow the simple rules:

  • See your doctor regularly. Only a specialist can examine disease is in the early stages;
  • Follow proper oral hygiene, to choose a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and mouthwash;
  • On the bad habits at all sure;
  • Try to eat solid food, which she cleans teeth during chewing;
  • Avoid soft food that loves to cling to teeth and is a great place for breeding bacteria;