Dental implants

Implants is the restoration of lost teeth from the root to the tip. "Implantation" means implantation in the jaw bone of an artificial root of metal, which is called implant.

After a tooth extraction, the bone no longer feel pressure when chewing and begins to decrease, so sometimes placement of an implant in this region of the alveolar process becomes impossible. To implant well-behaved in changed after the loss of tooth jaw and projected functioned, applied methods of bone augmentation of own or artificial bone and the manipulation with the soft tissue.

One of the most common operations related to bone grafting is sinpler. There are indoor and outdoor sinpler. This operation allows you to perform the implantation with a significant bone deficit in the upper jaw in lateral areas.

Three option implants:
1) Straumann
2) MegaGen
3) U-impl
Thanks orthopantomogram you can clearly see:

First phase is the surgical operation. Installing one implant takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

The Second stage of dental implants – operation in the area already put the implant. At this stage the implant screw head, called a healing abutment which acts in the mouth.

Third stage is to replace the healing abutment on the abutment (the element that serves to hold the crowns on implant). After that, the orthopedic part – the doctor makes a dental crown. As a result of new artificial teeth felt quite natural and looked real.

They can be Set up at any age, has no health restrictions and features of the structure of the facial skeleton. Doctor must take into account such factors finds the patient on the reception of his illness, if necessary, directs further examination by specialized doctors. The decision on surgery is made based on all received data.

Dental implants are not placed in the presence of:

  • heart disease in the acute stage;
  • uncontrolled diabetes;
  • immunodeficient diseases, and the passage radiotherapy;
  • weight loss on the background diet;
  • inadequate care of the patient's mouth.

a Dental implant is contraindicated only in the presence of a serious illness.

But even in cardiac diseases possible its installation, if the anesthesia be used cautiously. Mostly implants are made from robust titanium alloys. And if you compare other options and think that it is better dental bridge or implant, the person must understand that the first option is cheaper, and the second design is more reliable and comfortable. Dentures and implants have different prices. The only choice for you.

“All on four” - “All-on-4”

If the removable prosthesis is not satisfied, and the implantation is too expensive - choose a prosthetic "All on 4"

Technology "All on 4" done prosthetics on implants more accessible to a wide range of patients with both a medical and financial point of view.

the benefits of prosthetic technology all-on-4:
  • Artificial teeth manufactured according to the technology of All-on-4, neither visually, nor by their functional characteristics are not inferior to natural teeth.
  • Reliable fixation of dentures in the oral cavity, a uniform distribution of masticatory loads between all implants.
  • Because these implants are fixed at an angle, there is no need to build up the bone structure. In addition, they do not affect the maxillary sinus, even if it is close to the jaw.
  • Relatively low cost prosthesis by the method of All-on-four in comparison with other types of implant - this is especially important when you need to restore the entire dentition.
  • Dentures require no special care, just follow the simple rules of oral hygiene and twice a year to take the checkups from your dentist, which are purely preventive in nature.

Lot of people who have lost, for whatever reasons, the teeth are forced to use removable dentures. No matter how reliable they may seem, they can feel completely free.

Prosthesis technology All-on-4 allows in the shortest terms to restore lost teeth with permanent prostheses. It is very important for many patients who do not wish to wear even securely fixed but removable design. Besides the All-on-4 shows those who are not willing to spend extra time and incur material costs to perform the surgery to restore bone volume.