Teeth whitening

Laser tooth whitening system Beyond

We offer professional teeth whitening safe for most modern apparatus Beyond, which shine your teeth to 5.12 tones in just 1:20

Before whitening - occupational health !!!

Before the whitening procedure all teeth should be cleaned of plaque and stones.

Efficiently. Safely. Painless?

100% A total of Beyond halogen lamp light passes through a powerful filtering system, consisting of 150 thousand optical fibers. Thus, eliminated harmful radiation - ultraviolet and infrared. And effective ventilation protects against fever. In such circumstances, significantly reduced the risk increase tooth sensitivity during or after the procedure.

A beautiful white smile - a sign of health, prosperity and respectability!


In this method, as in other contraindications are:

  • Beyond teeth whitening method is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.
  • Those who are allergic to hydrogen peroxide.
  • Those who stertist or increased tooth sensitivity.

Not recommended procedures during the reception of light-sensitive drugs.

Recommendations for the care of teeth whitening after the course:

Within 24 hours after the whitening procedure is not recommended to smoke, eat foods containing dyes and beverages such as wine, coffee, tea. You should also avoid colored toothpaste and rinse.