At least twice a year, everyone who cares about their health should visit the dental office. Only such an approach will allow time to identify the problem.

With its panoramic x-rays can very clearly see:
  • Status teeth;
  • The beginnings of teeth, which are located in the jaw;
  • TMJ;
  • Haymorovi sinus.

Also in the case of:
  • Implants, can calculate the size of the implant;
  • Correction of bite;
  • Suspected inflammation of the bone;
  • The need to control the growth and development of teeth in children;

When you make the X-ray, your body gets most small dose. This procedure is recommended for dental treatment of any serious problems or in need of complex dental treatment.

Sighting shot teeth (radioviziohrafiya)

Radioviziohrafiya - a device that allows you to receive dental X images electronically, and then view them on a computer monitor.

Articulator - device that reproduces the movements of the lower jaw.

Face arch - a mechanical device that serves as a template and parameters used to determine the location of the jaw in three-dimensional space.

Periodontal map

Periodontitis (periodontal disease) - a disease of the tooth, which results in the destruction zubodesnevevoho connection. The main cause of periodontal disease is the accumulation of plaque, which hardens and forms tartar. Smoking and chewing tobacco for many reasons may contribute to the development of periodontitis.

What you need to conduct a survey?

The survey is necessary to determine the strategy of treating a patient, accurate detection of bad teeth, if any, as well as fixing the initial periodontal status tracking positive changes during treatment. If the depth of the gap less than 4 mm, the signs of gingivitis and periodontitis no clear and healthy, while more depth 5mm gap indicates the presence of periodontitis. The accumulation of plaque and tartar presence just captured the diagnosis of periodontitis.

The survey lasts on average 30-40 minutes.