Dental surgery

Extractions is a surgical operation that is assigned in an extreme case, when saving the tooth is impossible or for aesthetic purposes.

Also, the removal of teeth is assigned if there are injuries, chipped down to the root of the tooth. Then to remove the tooth becomes necessary.

This recommendation we will try to answer some of Your questions and give tips, which is necessary in the postoperative period.

In order For You will not feel any pain, the tooth extraction is performed under local or General anesthesia. Sometimes the doctor must make a small incision in the gum after the tooth is sutured.

After surgery You may feel discomfort, minor pain, swelling, secretion of blood in the area of intervention and slightly limited motion of the mandible. Can also be a weak reduction of the sensitivity of the lips, cheeks, tongue (after removal of teeth "wisdom"). This is due to the remote location of the tooth near the nerve. Don't worry!

These phenomena are normal after surgery and can last for 2-6 days, minority. Sometimes they last up to 2 weeks. If You feel that the pain and swelling increase, it is difficult to find? you mouth, be sure to consult your doctor for an examination.

For the prevention of complications You just need to implement all the recommendations of the doctor, to the following:

During the first day apply cold to the area of intervention (15-20 min. every 20 min during the first 2 hours).

To prevent complications on the day of surgery you cannot eat hot food, and the next 7-14 days it is advisable not to chew on the side, in the zone of which it was removed. In addition, you must avoid Smoking and drinking alcohol.

Meticulous oral hygiene — brushing teeth after each meal, excluding the area of intervention.

In the intervention area — avoid brushing 10-14 days, 2 fit to apply "Metrogel" 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes.

To avoid physical exertion (exercise), intake of hot tubs, saunas in first day.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Indications for removal of wisdom teeth:

  • Incorrect positioning of wisdom teeth;
  • Lack of space in the dental arch;
  • Wisdom Tooth destroys the adjacent tooth;
  • Development percocette (inflammation hood).

Removing impacted wisdom teeth with the use of the piezosurgery"

"The piezosurgery" is a unique device that allows you to obtain the best results during the surgery for removal of wisdom teeth and reduces the risk of complications to a minimum. With the help of "the piezosurgery" delete ratanawaraha tooth is faster than conventional methods, and the operation is less traumatic for the patient.

Resection of the root apex

The Essence of the operation is to remove part of the root and retrograde filling of the root canal, which is a hotbed of chronic infection.

This is done in cases of failure or inability of endodontic treatment of root canals, the presence of cysts or granulomas, etc.